DreamHost Pricing/Trial

Web hosts often have regular and “special” pricing, and DreamHost is no exception. Read this article to find out about DreamHost’s pricing, trial offers, and specials.

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DreamHost Shared Hosting

If you glance at any collection of shared hosting sites, on a review page for example, you can find regular prices from $3.50 per month to $9.96/month, and if you go to the sites themselves, you can see special, introductory prices for new customers for as low as $2.50 per month.

It is also standard for web hosts to have different yearly prices depending on the number of years in the contract, with 1-year, 2-year, and 3-year contracts being typical. DreamHost standard pricing is $8.95, the figure given on the home page, but on the “compare our products” page, it is revealed that this figure is only good for sites that are prepaid (at $214.80) for two years of service. If you choose to prepay for a single year ($119.40), the cost is $9.95. There is a $49.95 set-up fee that is waived for accounts that are pre-paid for a year or more. It is not clear what the monthly cost is if you do not prepay for at least a year.

For new customers, DreamHost offers periodic special deals. As of June, 2012, a Father’s Day special offered a year of shared hosting for $5.95 per month with two domain registrations (only in TLDs .com, .net., .org, or .info) included.

DreamHost shared server web hosting is offered in a two-week free trial. The trial is conducted by signing up for an account and being able to cancel with all charges refunded within the first two weeks. There is also a 97-day money back guarantee period for payments made using credit cards or Google checkout: other payment types (PayPal, checks, money orders, cashier checks) are accepted, but are not eligible for the money back guarantee. If you cancel within the 97 days, DreamHost will be refund all of your money. If you cancel after that, you will get a refund for the remaining time for which you have paid.

DreamHost pricing includes the DreamHost 100% uptime guarantee, which credits you for a day of hosting for each hour (or fraction of an hour) that your service is interrupted (up to 10% of your next pre-paid renewal fee) for reasons other than an announce and planned maintenance interruption. The time is assessed from the moment you open a support ticket.

Café Commerce

Café Commerce is an ecommerce online store option that is available for $30/month to upgrade shared hosting accounts. It has a 2-week free trial offer.

DreamHost Virtual Private Server Accounts

All DreamHost VPS accounts have unlimited bandwidth and disk storage. The difference in the pricing of the basic plans is based o the amount of RAM. Here is a list:

Amount of RAM Monthly Fee
300 MB $15/month
600 MB $30/month
1000 MB (~ 1 GB) $50/month
2000 MB (~ 2 GB) $100/month
4000 MB (~4 GB) $200/month

 DreamHost Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting plans start at $99/month at DreamHost and are distinguished by the CPU, the number of cores, the amount of memory, the disk space, and whether RAID is employed. Here is a pricing breakdown. Notice that the names indicate the amount of RAM in the plan.

Plan Server Cores RAM Diskspace RAID Price
New Moon 2 Desktopgrade 2 2 GB 500 GB $99/month
Half Moon 2 Server grade 2 2 GB 500 GB $119/month
Half Moon 4 Server grade 2 4 GB 500 GB $139/month
Blue Moon 4 Server grade 4 4 GB 500 GB 1 $169/month
Blue Moon 8 Server grade 4 8 GB 1 TB 1 $209/month
Blue Moon 12 Server grade 4 12 GB 1 TB 1 $249/month

Service Add-ons

DreamHost offers additional domain registrations for as little as $9.95/year. A unique IP address is $3.95/month. Premium support—which provides live chat and phone support—is offered at $9.95/month. VPN access is $19.95/month. An SSL certificate (which requires a unique IP address) is $15.00/year, or you can provide your own.  These prices are the same for every level of hosting plan.

Nonprofit Web Hosting

Nonprofit, charitable organizations that are registered in the United States are entitled to a DreamHost single shared hosting package. They must provide proof of their tax-exempt status in the form of an official letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) verifying that status (aka, the 501(c)(3) determination letter) or a parent organization’s determination and proof of being a subordinate organization in good standing.

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